Saturday, July 24, 2021

Royal White Chaise Lounge Wedding Sofa

Presenting a chaise lounge sofa for weddings and events like engagement, bridal shower, baby shower, reception, anniversaries etc


Material: Wooden carving with Metal finishing

Carving - Hand carved

Finishing - Metal Golden/Silver Finishing

Style/Design: Antique

Usage/Application: Wedding, Birthday/Anniversary celebration, Engagement, Mehendi/Haldi ceremony, Baby Shower/Bangle ceremony, Reception etc.

Design: Chaise Lounge

Arms: One Side

No. of Seat - 3 Seater

Seat cover: Rexine or Velvet

Colour - Beige, Cream, White, Maroon, Hot Pink etc.

Easy to maintain.

Also available in 'only Wooden'.

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